Why market for high end housing is here to stay.

Ultimate luxury homes in Kenya..

The performance of the real estate industry in Kenya remains promising as wealthy locals continue to invest in high-end developments in spite of fears a few years ago that the bubble would burst.

Further, more cash-rich developers are now embarking on luxury developments, which were previously only available in the first-world countries, completely changing the face of Kenya’s real estate scene in the process.

Developers are taking up more challenging projects every day and, in the process, offering the more well-to-do more options in choosing the ultimate luxury home.

The Africa Report, released mid last year by Knight Frank, confirmed that prospects for the high-end market remain encouraging, and that an increase in developments to meet this need should be expected.

But for those looking to invest in the interim, there are a number of high-end developments currently in the market to look out for.

The Racecourse Gardens :

Property Description

First Homes-Racecourse, a product of the First Home brand is a new urban development which is nested on Ngong Road. It offers 436 units. They comprise of:-.


Studio 26 square meters/280 square feet 3.1M 3.3M
Standard One Bedroom 37 square meters/ 400 square feet 4.4M 4.6M
Deluxe One Bedroom 40 square meters/430 square feet 4.5M 4.7M
Two Bedroom 72 square meters/775 square feet 7.2M 7.5M


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