Real Estate is Your Best Investment Option Today

Many people in Kenya are living in poverty due to the simple fact that they lack the knowledge of the right projects to invest in. The problem with most Kenyans is that they lack proper knowledge about good business ventures and constantly engage in businesses which do not give good returns at all.

For instance, if you gave a Kenyan one million shillings today, he or she will rush to go and buy a public service vehicle where he will pay the necessary taxes and the insurance and the

million will be done. After like a month the vehicle breaks down, the Kenyan has no money to bring it back to the road and he goes back to square zero, he becomes poor again.

The best investment opportunity in Kenya at the moment however is the real estate business. This is the business that entails buying of a house and it has proved to be the safest mode of investment in Kenya today. It also entails buying a plot, building a house and then selling that house at a profit that sometimes even triples the initial capital and expenses.

Why it is that real estate business is the best than any other business in Kenya? The fact is simple. The reason is because assets like houses and land in Kenya will never depreciate. The business in Kenya is also has a fair market simply due to the rising population that has in turn led to the demand for better housing. At the moment, a Kenyan middle class finds it better and safe to buy an already built house and use the money he or she would have used to pay rent in other projects.

However, this business is not as easy as it sounds. Many people have ended up losing their millions on fraudsters and conmen who purport to be selling houses which do n0ot belong to them. They issue fake documents and then disappear. One therefore ought to be very careful and must always involve the ministry of lands, the lawyer and the land commissions if possible.

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