Searching for a home can be one of the most daunting tasks ever. Not only is it a search for a place to come to every other evening but a place where you can find some quiet, peace and tranquillity; as Pliny Elder said, “A home is where the heart is”.

In a bid to get a place that offers such comfort, most people have gone ahead to contract the services of real estate agents to do so.

However Robyn Emerson, the Regional Director

at the Re/Max Kenya, one of the renowned property agencies in Kenya, points out that there are some key things that you as a client should expect from your agent.

Speaking during the Property and HomeLiving Expo that was organized by BuyRentKenya and Primedia, Emerson noted that you as a client you deserve nothing but the best from your agent. Therefore, you should look out for an agent that is ever present, as most of the typical agents will not be show up for scheduled appointments. With such an agent it is more likely that the property they rent out to you or sell may be having some shortcomings and they don’t want to be there to take the blame when all goes wrong.

She also noted that it’s important to find an agent that is trustworthy, as integrity plays a critical role in any business contract.

“Most of the typical agents tend not to disclose crucial information such as existing disputes on properties which may in the long run, impede development resulting into huge losses to you as a client,” said Ms Emerson.

The Re/Max Regional Director also pointed out that it’s vital to have an agent who is a good communicator, takes time to listen, does a follow up on all matters discussed and also is tech savvy which means that they are able to reply to emails and also to use new technology in a bid to access a large market pool for property that is on sale and also advertise on your behalf.

For you to have the best deal, Emerson advises that it is good for you to look out for an agent that is a guru in the industry as opposed to one who is inexperienced. Such an agent is able to give you better deals in your search for property. In case of any disputes arising during the purchase or sale of a property, an expert agent is in a good position to handle the emerging issues.

She further advises that all agents should be keen to know the industry that they work in, that is be knowledgeable about it and have a license provided to them by the relevant estate agency bodies.

On the agents’ side, Ms. Emerson points out that first impression is key, with image being the selling point. As an agent you need to ensure that you are well groomed and looking presentable as this helps in holding your clients attention. Additionally, the property that you intend to present to your client should be well prepared before it is viewed by the buyer.

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