High Alert on Poorly Erected Structures

SUBSTANDARD roofing materials and poor workmanship could expose households to ravaging effects of the El Nino rains, roofing firm Ngao has said.

A number of households and companies, Ngao Roofing Systems says, have had to renovate their homes during the ongoing rainy season because of poor choice of materials.

Its recent survey on residential homes and commercial blocks

found the trend of re-roofing cuts across all segments from informal settlements in urban areas through middle-income and high-end residences.

Hotels in the Rift Valley region are the hardest hit and are already renovating, it said. At Coast, the renovations are limited as this was done during the low April-July tourism season.

“What we can tell Kenyans and home owners is to go for quality that will stand the taste of time,” Ngao sales manager Marianne Mari said in an interview. “This is, however, the right time to re-roof since you know where leakages are [unlike during heavy rains].”

The survey, conducted ahead of the onset of the El Nino rains as forecast by the weatherman, also suggests majority of houses under construction could collapse.

Areas likely to be affected the most include Nairobi’s Eastlands and areas around Nairobi West.

Source: the star

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