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Green Energy Technology Starts to Re-shape Nairobi’s Skyline

THE skyline of Nairobi’s Upper Hill is set to change from next year when the ongoing construction of skyscrapers will be complete.

The area, which is redeveloping into Nairobi’s financial services district, will be home to tallest buildings in the country.

Financial services companies have been busy since the turn of the decade, funding the construction of modern commercial office blocks.

Most of the buildings under construction have deployed modern

architectural designs that include installation of green energy technology.

British-American Investments last week announced completion of structural works on its 30-storey Britam Towers.

The glass-walled skyscraper will be the tallest building in the city. It has 63,500 square metres of office and parking space.

Facilities for rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling will be installed, the company said.

Managing director Benson Wairegi said the building’s design allows tapping of natural ventilation and use of sunlight during normal working hours.

Wind turbines will also be installed at the top to tap wind energy which will provide alternative electricity.

Completion of the structural works has paved way for interior finishes and, installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. The building will be completed in mid next year.

The opening of the Britam Towers will most likely be preceded by KCB Plaza, which is located a few metres away. The Plaza, whose construction has been ongoing since breaking ground in November 2011 at a cost of at least Sh2.1 billion, is owned by Kenya Commercial Bank Pensions Fund.

The 21-storey building has 15,960 square metres of office space and its parking lot has a capacity of 450 vehicles.

The KCB Plaza will also tap green technology including water conservation and electricity.

It is fitted with solar panels to supplement power supply from the national grid.

Kenya Reinsurance is also putting up office space on 1.6 acres for an estimated cost of Sh4 billion. The proposed building is targeting corporate clients, mainly multinationals, according to information on Kenya Re’s website.

Another skyscraper under construction is UAP Tower which will rise 163 metres on completion.

The 33-storey building on Hospital Road will also cost the insurance company, part of the Old Mutual Group, an estimated Sh4 billion.

It will have 29,000 square metres space to house its headquarters and other corporate tenants.

“Creating a cleaner, healthier working environment will inevitably boost employee productivity,” UAP says on its website.

Source: the star

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