For a room that is stylish and easy to clean, consider laminate flooring

WHEN IT COMES to home flooring, , clients are spoilt for choice. From plain concrete to elegant patterned wooden or ceramic tiles, the varieties are limitless. However, every type of flooring material has its pros and cons. For instance, concrete…

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Developers cash in on young home seekers’ love for luxury apartments

The changing taste of young and enterprising home owners in Nairobi has fueled the increasing luxury housing boom that has seen investors splash billions of shillings to woo the expanding middle- and upper-middle class in the city. Luxury apartments are…

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Constructing? Team up with qualified partners

Every few months, we read about a building that has collapsed, leading to death and injury. When building inspectors are called to the scene, the verdict is almost always the same – the constructor had not complied with the standard…

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Westlands has best rates for property investors

Westlands has the highest real estate returns in Nairobi while Kasarani has the lowest, a new report indicates. The Cytonn Investments’ Business and Market Outlook report launched on Monday projects the country’s real estate sector will grow at a robust…

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Factors that will drive property sector in 2016

As per the latest data released by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the real estate sector’s year-on-year growth as at end of third quarter 2015 was 5.4 per cent and with the overall sector contribution to Gross Domestic Product remaining…

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Want your property to fetch more? Add beauty

Sultan Palace Development Limited in Kilifi County recently set up a tree nursery and 15.5 acres of garden to complement its 43-acre beachfront property in what they said was to contribute to environmental conservation efforts and add value to its…

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How to: Include property in your retirement plans

Are you planning your retirement nest egg? If so, investing in property can be a profitable strategy. Discover how you can include property in your retirement plans, and what things to consider before you buy. Many investors are looking to property to…

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